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December 17, 2019

Virginia Educators United Responds to Northam Budget Release

Richmond, VA: Governor Northam’s K-12 budget is being heralded as a $1.2 billion unprecedented investment in our public schools. While we recognize that it includes some necessary investments, we believe that overall this proposal falls far short of what is desperately needed. The roughly $800 million proposed for re-benchmarking in this budget only keeps pace with inflation and increased enrollment. The Governor is not proposing a $1.2 billion increase; he is proposing a $400 million restoration in funds (less than 4% of total K-12 funding) weighed against over $10 billion in accumulated cuts from the recession, from an education system that was already underfunded when the recession started. We have identified four particular failures in the proposal.  

For one, this budget does not include full funding for the Standards of Quality set by the Virginia Board of Education. These standards are established to articulate the bare minimums needed to consider our schools adequate.  We cannot applaud any budget that does not fund these standards. That is why Virginia Educators United has included funding of the SOQs as one of our six demands. READ FULL RELEASE HERE