General Assembly Budget Meetings Takeover


Purpose of this Event

To remind VA legislators and VA Press that the

Virginia Educators United want funding change.  


House Appropriations Committee 



Who should come?

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

(Recommended 12:30 PM arrival.) 




Pocahontas Building

900 E. Main St. 

Shared Committee Room, 1st Floor

Richmond, VA 23219



#RedForEd supporters who are unable to attend the evening-time meeting. (e.g. out of towners)



Senate Finance Committee



Who should come?


5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

(Recommended 5:00 PM arrival.) 




Pocahontas Building

900 E. Main St. 

Committee Room B, Room E#007

Richmond, VA 23219



#RedForEd supporters who are can attend this eventing-time meeting (e.g. Richmond - area residents)




How do I SIGN UP? 


When should I arrive?

We recommend arriving 30 minutes early to maximize the chance of getting a seat. To maximize visibility, we encourage teachers wearing red to sit directly behind the podium so that you will be seen and maximize our footprint at the event.


What should I bring?

Wear RED.  We recommend bringing any grading or schoolwork that you would normally be doing outside of school; that


Will I be able to sit?

It depends.  The earlier you arrive, the likelier it is that you will get a seat.  Since these meetings are being streamed online, there is less demand for seating.


How long do these meetings last?

Historically, these meetings last around 2 hours, and the K-12 budget amendments are typically discussed in the first half hour.  If you have to leave after education amendments discussed, that’s totally understandable.

What will the meetings look like?

The chairman of the House and Senate will present the overview of the budget and then committees will read their budget amendments line by line.  It’s dry, but remember: budgets are philosophical documents that tell us how our legislators value education.

What happens after?

The two budgets will be presented to the full Senate and House for debate on the floor where they will vote. This is our chance to have representatives champion further investments in education. After the vote, the budgets will “cross over” to the other chamber and the two bodies will negotiate an agreement that they will send to the Governor for signature.



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